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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Minion Madness Continues ...

As much as I am trying to desperately keep up with this thing called blogging, it appears that I am currently failing miserably.  We just started week three of the school year and I am still scrabbling to get things accomplished!  I wanted to post a few more pictures of the Minion Madness that is continuing in and around my classroom.  I Googled a few Minions, blew them up and printed them to make locker signs for my 4th graders.  I had them cut their minion of choice out & glue it on card-stock.  I then laminated the minions & wrote each students name on them.  For a couple of our bulletin boards, I cut out the phrase "CPS Patriots are One in a Minion" and "Minion Mischief."  On the first said bulletin board, we have first-day-of-school snapshots posted.  For the latter bulletin board, I am creating a school wide seek-and-find for a minion.  I'm planning on taking the minion's picture in various spots around the school & having students guess where he is.  More posts on that down the road.  

Locker Signs

"One in a Minion"

"Minion Mischief"

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