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Friday, October 18, 2013

Interactive Math Journals: Absolute Value

Absolute Value:  My Algebra students were getting ready to solve equations containing absolute value.  To make an interactive example, we came up with the sliding example.  We first defined 'absolute value' using the Frayer Model.  For the interactive notes, I had the students cut two identical strips for the absolute value portion and what it would equal.  We wrote in numerical, variable, and expression examples.  [8/-8, x/-x, 5-8/8-5] We used the opposite of each example to show that regardless of having a positive or negative solution within the absolute value bars, the solution would always be positive.

To further tie into the Algebraic application, I had the students write down an example of solving an equation using absolute value.  I emphasized having two possible scenarios for our solution and related it back to what absolute value meant.

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